Computer Repair

With over 20 years of experience, I offer affordable, local computer repair service. I can diagnose and repair just about any issue. I will also tell you if it’s time for a new computer, and provide the insight and advice you need to avoid mistakes and make the best possible purchase.

Computer Virus Removal

Computer viruses can destroy your computer and your credit, as they often lead to identity theft. If your computer has been acting up, slowing down, or crashing a lot, you may have a computer virus. I offer complete diagnostics and virus removal.

Computer Networking

Installing and maintaining a computer network in your home or small business doesn’t have to be an expensive headache. Set it up right in the beginning and you will have years of trouble-free connectivity. I offer complete computer networking services.

Local Computer Repairs

Hi, I’m Jon Cave, owner of the Computer Doctor. If you live in the Dover area I’m also your neighbor. If your computer needs fixing, I’m here to help with fast, friendly service.

There are many reasons that your computer may need repair. You might have a hardware problem, such as a dead power supply or crashed hard drive. Or maybe you've picked up a virus courtesy of that hilarious email that your best friend forwarded to you. The problem is, many of these infections are very dangerous. Some can hide on your computer doing nothing - until you log into your bank account. If you suspect your computer has a virus, give me a call. I'll get it fixed up fast.

If you have purchased new networking gear, I can save you a lot of headaches setting it up. I specialize in networking computers in homes and small businesses. Forget the headaches and leave the installation to me. I’ll have your computers, printers, modems, routers, and TVs connected quickly and cleanly.

Give me a call, I am in Dover, MA, and I make house calls to Sherborn, Wellesley, Westwood, Needham, Medfield, and beyond.

guaranteed computer repairs

Guaranteed Computer Repairs

I have always backed my work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't think I've earned my money, then you don't pay, period. If repairing computers for 20 years in the same small town doesn't convince you, read what your friends and neighbors have to say:

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  • We've worked with Jon for many years and he is our go-to resource for home computing and networking matters large and small. He's always been able to crack the problem, and even better he lets us know up front whether it will be worth it. We really appreciate his excellent support.

    Cesar B., Dover, MA
  • Jon has always responded quickly to all our computer needs . We have used him for our business and home computers,for several years ,and he has solved any problems with ease and efficiency. He has set up new systems for us also, so has helped us out and relieved our minds whenever we have had any doubts. Thank you Jon!

    Vivienne S., Dover, MA
  • Jon Cave, the Computer Doctor, is a lifesaver for those of us with PC problems. Everyone in our family has needed his expertise, and we have done business with him for the past decade and been very happy with the results.. I've known Jon for over forty years, and can attest to his honesty, reliability, and strong work ethic.

    Lynne V., Esq., Westwood, MA
  • I am a non-geek person in the use and operation of computers. A great number of times in the last several years, my business has been brought to a standstill by computer problems I was unable to solve. In each instance, Dr. Jon made a prompt appearance to solve the problem. I deem him to be highly competent and highly trustworthy.

    John J., Dover, MA
  • I consider myself to be rather computer-literate, but when I was having some problems setting up my new computer, I knew just who to call. I've known Jon for many years, and he came right over to my house and got my new computer all set up with all the files transferred from my old computer. My only regret is that I spent a few frustrating weeks trying to do it myself!

    Paula M., Dover, MA
  • I totally rely on my computer for a whole host of tasks. It recently developed problems after downloading some software. I found Jon to be very competent and efficient. He was able to clear the viruses, correct the settings and get the system up and running quickly.

    Lori S., South Natick, MA
  • In September of 1999 I had my first emergency call to a local computer geek (your words, not mine!) to help with a computer glitch. Since then I have put the doctor on my speed dial as he has cured many computer problems. He has been knowledgeable, expedient and delightful to work with at a reasonable price.

    Lynn P, Dover, MA
  • Over the last 10 years I've had Jon Cave come to my house to fix numerous problems with my computers. I've always been totally happy with his work. He has always returned phone calls, always shown up on time, and his rates have always seemed reasonable to me. He has also been very happy to answer my numerous computer related questions, explaining everything in a way I could understand. I highly recommend Jon, a very technically competent, nice guy.

    Lori Waresmith, Dover, MA
  • Jon the Computer Doctor has been servicing my computers for over 8 years. He is reliable, timely and always solves the problem. What more can you ask for?

    Mary Pat Dauria, Sherborn, MA
  • Jon has looked after our computers for many years. We recently returned from a trip to learn we had no internet. After several hours on the phone with Verizon, I turned everything off and called Jon. He arrived, turned on the modem, waited for it to stabilize, turned on the computer, and voila! All was well. It takes skill, talent and experience to make complicated things look easy.

    Holly C., Dover, MA
  • The Computer Doctor lives up to his name! When my hard drive crashed the IT staff at my university were not able to retrieve my data. I called Jon and amazingly he was able to recover it all. Jon is reliable, quick to respond, efficient and his prices are very reasonable.

    Lisa C., Millis, MA